• Where to find Nigerian herbs and spices

    Where to find Nigerian herbs and spices4

    Herbs are edible plants. When the leaves are crushed or heated, they release particularly strong flavours and aromas. The best way to use herbs is straight from the garden. But what if you don’t have fresh West African herbs and spices available in your garden?   Local African Shops Depending on your location, it’s possible

  • What Can You Do with Boerenkool?

    What Can You Do with Boerenkool?0

    What Can You Do with Boerenkool (Other Than the Traditional Way the Dutch Use Them)? When I arrived in the Netherlands, I didn’t know what boerenkool was. The Netherlands is a country where everyone, including the Dutch, complains about a lack of variety in the cuisine. I don’t agree with that. I’ve used many local

  • Valentine’s Day in West Africa

    Valentine’s Day in West Africa6

    Red roses, hearts, and balloons – love is in the air. You must have guessed what time of the year I am hinting at… Yes, I am talking about Valentine’s Day! We Nigerians take our festivals very seriously. By that, I mean, we celebrate each and every festival with a lot of gaiety and passion.