• Top 5 Dishes from Benin

    Top 5 Dishes from Benin3

    Benin is another West-African nation that also has been a French colony. It is said to be the birthplace of voodoo (scary!) When it comes to Benin cuisine, couscous is a staple in their diet apart from vegetables like rice, beans, yams and tomatoes. The region is famous for its amazing fruits like oranges, avocado,

  • The Benefits of Healthy Proteins

    The Benefits of Healthy Proteins0

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    • February 10, 2018

    A healthy diet includes a number of essential building blocks, including carbohydrates, fats and proteins. For now, let’s focus on proteins. When it comes to eating a balanced diet, why are healthy proteins so important?   Weight Management Healthy proteins can help you lose or maintain a healthy weight. This is because they fill you

  • Sizzling Spices of the Sea: Nigerian Pepper Soup

    Sizzling Spices of the Sea: Nigerian Pepper Soup0

    I’ve had the pleasure of visiting several food events and expos around Europe in the last few months. Although networking and tasting all the various types of cuisine is already a lot of fun at these events, I am always intrigued by the interaction between food loving people and vendors who sell their food withREAD MORE
  • Nigerian Spicy Chicken Sauce

    Nigerian Spicy Chicken Sauce1

    This sauce is a version of chicken curry sauce. What sets this dish apart is it’s full of fresh vegetables, including tomatoes. In addition, no flour is added for thickening. The first time I ate this dish, it was cooked by a friend who is from Nigeria. Although I misplaced the recipe that she shared

  • My Neighbour’s Special Ramadan Jollof rice

    My Neighbour’s Special Ramadan Jollof rice0

    Since the flu got the better of me yesterday, I decided to get some rest this week. When I lay down and allowed my mind to wander, I was reminded of an event that took place in Lagos more than 20 years ago, during a Ramadan celebration. At the time, I was staying with my

  • Jollof Rice Recipe

    Jollof Rice Recipe1

      Ingredients: For the Tomato Paste 2 fresh tomatoes 1 small tatashe (red bell pepper), cored and deseeded 1 small red onion   For the Jollof Rice 500g white long-grain rice 4 tablespoons sunfower or olive oil 1 red onion, finely chopped 30g tomato purée 500mL (2 cups) chicken stock or water 1 tablespoon Ataro

  • How Does West African Cuisine Fit in Today’s Food Trends?

    How Does West African Cuisine Fit in Today’s Food Trends?0

    How Does West African Cuisine Fit in Today’s Food Trends?West African countries like Nigeria, Senegal, Mali and Ghana are now sought-after for their largely unexplored cuisine. The international community has started to recognize the region’s vibrant and healthy ingredients and flavours that could rival that of South-East Asia. West African cuisine is spicy, wholesome and

  • Festive Seasons in Nigeria

    Festive Seasons in Nigeria0

    Growing up, I witnessed three festive seasons in Nigeria. The most popular festive seasons were Christmas, New Year and Easter. In some parts of Nigeria, asking someone not to go back to the village during the Christmas season is equivalent to depriving him of life, that was the level of importance it had on the

  • Egusi Soup

    Egusi Soup2

    Egusi is a melon seed that has been dried and ground into a powdery form. When cooked it feels like a thick paste and it taste delicious. One of the most popular dishes in West Africa is Egusi soup. Each region and tribe has its own version of the dish. This recipe for Egusi soup