• Festive Seasons in Nigeria

    Festive Seasons in Nigeria0

    Growing up, I witnessed three festive seasons in Nigeria. The most popular festive seasons were Christmas, New Year and Easter. In some parts of Nigeria, asking someone not to go back to the village during the Christmas season is equivalent to depriving him of life, that was the level of importance it had on the

  • 4 Secrets of West African Cuisine

    4 Secrets of West African Cuisine0

    North African Cuisine has Middle Eastern influences. East Africa has Indian and Asian influences. And South Africa has European influences. West African cuisine, on the other hand, has very few outside influences. With only minor influences from South American cuisine, West African food is highly authentic. With its unique flavours and authentic taste, our food

  • 3 Things to Expect at A West African Dinner Table

    3 Things to Expect at A West African Dinner Table0

    Thank you again for being part of our community. Along with other food lovers, you’re joining a fun and exciting journey to learn more about Nigeria, a West African gem that boasts a vibrant culture and delicious cuisine. And it’s also my home! Since very little is known about West African cuisine in the Netherlands,