• Akara Balls Recipe

    Akara Balls Recipe0

    Akara refers to buns that are made of black-eyed beans or Nigerian brown beans. In West Africa, akara is usually eaten as a breakfast dish, along with akamu (corn meal). This tasty dish is perfect for vegetarians.   Preparation time: 25 minutes Cooking Time:  20 minutes Serves: 4   Ingredients 250 grams of black-eyed beans

  • My Neighbour’s Special Ramadan Jollof rice

    My Neighbour’s Special Ramadan Jollof rice0

    Since the flu got the better of me yesterday, I decided to get some rest this week. When I lay down and allowed my mind to wander, I was reminded of an event that took place in Lagos more than 20 years ago, during a Ramadan celebration. At the time, I was staying with my

  • Nigerian Spicy Chicken Sauce

    Nigerian Spicy Chicken Sauce1

    This sauce is a version of chicken curry sauce. What sets this dish apart is it’s full of fresh vegetables, including tomatoes. In addition, no flour is added for thickening. The first time I ate this dish, it was cooked by a friend who is from Nigeria. Although I misplaced the recipe that she shared

  • What Can You Do with Boerenkool?

    What Can You Do with Boerenkool?0

    What Can You Do with Boerenkool (Other Than the Traditional Way the Dutch Use Them)? When I arrived in the Netherlands, I didn’t know what boerenkool was. The Netherlands is a country where everyone, including the Dutch, complains about a lack of variety in the cuisine. I don’t agree with that. I’ve used many local

  • Bean pottage recipe

    Bean pottage recipe0

    African brown beans is a wholemeal filled with much protein and fiber. It is perfect for vegetarians. Ingredients • 500g of African brown beans • Tomato blend (2 fresh tomatoes, ½ paprika, 50g of habanero peppers) • 1.5 litre of water • 1 medium onion diced • 100ml/4 tablespoons of red palm oil (or vegetable

  • Where to find Nigerian herbs and spices

    Where to find Nigerian herbs and spices4

    Herbs are edible plants. When the leaves are crushed or heated, they release particularly strong flavours and aromas. The best way to use herbs is straight from the garden. But what if you don’t have fresh West African herbs and spices available in your garden?   Local African Shops Depending on your location, it’s possible